Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A BAG, I sewed a bag!

You know that I like to have variety in my sewing. I will usually mix and match and hack patterns to keep myself inspired but almost all my sews are clothes. That means that there is a big spectrum of sewing projects that I (almost) never sew, one of those project types is bags. I assume it is because I am not really a bag person. For me a bag is purely functional. I am not an accessories person in general, shoes for example fall in the same purely practical category for me. I usually have one bag in rotation, and only when it breaks I will search for a new one.

However, due to the most recent One Thimble, I got intrigued by the concept of bag sewing. One Thimble 15* has the Military messenger bag pattern* and I immediately fell in love with the asymmetrical shape of the flap. I just had to try one. One other reason why I am not into bag sewing is because I do not like to spend money on bag hardware. I am a spur of the moment kind of sewist and do not own much bag hardware. Having to buy all the pieces would mean a true plan. So, I adjusted some things.

Instead of an adjustable shoulder band, I measured the optimal length of the shoulder band on my current bag and simply made that length. I am very pleased with it, the only moment that I adjust the band on my current bag is when it has unintentionally slipped down, which is actually impossible with this new bag. I did not use any interfacing and just chose a heavy weight fabric for the outside. I had some lovely Art Gallery canvas fabric left from when I sewed this coat and some leftover from when I sewed this dress became the lining.

I love pockets, so I played with those on the bag. Instead of using the pouch pockets, I made simple zipper pockets. The front now can hold my phone and keys. I also made an inside pocket for other items that I would like to  find quickly, like my wallet. The inside pocket should have been on the other side (at the back of the bag). But it does not really bother me. I probably do not have to tell you that my new gemm has replaced my older rotation bag.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rockstar release

Harristar Designs has released a new Ladies pattern, the Rockstar (I tested another from them in January). A strappy top and dress with many variations in straps/back. During testing I made a top and a dress which are officially called the Stratocaster and Starcaster. The names come from Guitars, very suitable because of those strings, but for me very hard to disentangle (pun intended). So fortunately there are clear pictures with the names.

I first made the top and for that one I used the elastic option, but instead of making an outside casing, I used transparent elastic and sewed it on the inside. A small hack, very easy but it gives a different look. Both my dress and top have an integrated bra (parts included in the pattern). I did not make a picture from the internal bra, but just imagine a sportsbra with the neckline connected to the top of dress. I am very fond of my under wire bra's (but I seem to be one of the few), but I have to say that these garments are very comfortable without bra. I have not yet decided if I mind a visible bra strap but this way whatever I decide, I will be able to wear these garments often this summer.

I also made a dress and of course I added pockets, they are included in the pattern but I sewed them in a bit lower. For the dress I used the regular neckline, for the top the high one. I got the fabric from one of the sweet girls that go to the same sewing weekend (Joyce does not have blog so I can not link to her). I therefore have no clue about the origin of this fabric, but it is of very good quality. I cut the straps from a shirt that I got from my sister in law. This time I did not go for the elastic option, which may make the dress a bit less flattering. This dress is really super comfortable and I actually wore it three days in a row...

Due to the new relaese, there is a store wide sale of 40%! Which means you can also pick up the Dimo pack rather cheap. I have made two of them durig the sewing weekend, but I still have not managed to blog them. I am just showing them to you now, such that you can buy the pattern as well, I really love it and I would be sad if you did not realise how cool it is. I did show you one version of this pattern previously in this post.

I upcycled all the old dino clothes that I had to make this one. I cut the cute dinos applications from a baby shirt. I have mentioned it often already, that I bought patterns for the weekend due to its ability to handle scraps, and this Dimo pack is hardcore scrap sewing. The pattern includes a hood and many, many different color blocking options. You might have to take some time to study all the pieces, but all the pieces and seam allowances are included for all the color block options. DO not just print it all, first see which version you want to make.

In my daughter's version only the ribbing and masks were mine, all the other fabrics where from our "free pop fabric store". She donated three of those fabrics and the triangles were from An (also without blog). As I wrote before, the entire Harristar shop is on 40 % sale. The sale lasts until the 12th of June with the code RockInMommas40

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cosy Toes Blog Tour

At the beginning of the week, Twig and Tale released another pattern in their footwear collection, The Tie Back Boots for grow ups*. Twig and Tale has a whole line of footwear patterns ranging from super cute Wild Things baby shoes to the new Grown up boots in women's and men's sizes. Sewing footwear is very fulfilling, it is surprisingly easy and you often can make them out of remnants or scraps. Some people are not convinced yet about the joy of footwear sewing which is why we organized a blog tour. Today is day two of the tour and I am going to show you both the new Tie Back Boots and a Wild thing shoe with a crossover animal from the Wild things boots (like this it sounds super complex, but it is a super simple thing).

The new Grown up Tie Back Boots come in a wide variety of sizes, from bigger kids to full men sizes. I might make my husband a pair in the future, as long as he is allowed to pose with socks and only his feet are visible, I might be able to persuade him to pose for the blog. The boots come in the actual Tie Back option or with elastic in the ankle. I went for the later. There is a regular boot and a high boot option and as you can see, I clearly went for the high boot option. I saw her tall boots, and I immediately wanted my own.

I made a plain pair from upcycled jeans, and I love it. I considered using the pocket on the shaft, but feared the shaft might become to stiff, she however had an awesome idea how to use the pocket. There are two shaft widths and I optimistically went for the narrow shaft. I should have known better. The fit is perfect now, but I did not line the boot and I can not wear them over trousers. Which is not an actual problem, because I only wear dresses now a days. I put some decorative stitches at the top, I really love how they turned out.

As I have mentioned at least twice on the blog, my middle daughter has been asking me for lady bug shoes ever since I made these tigers. The tour was exactly the kick I needed, and I finally fulfilled her wish. I took the face from the Wild Things Boots* option and transferred it onto the Wild Things Shoe* pattern piece (they are NOT an exact match). I machine embroidered some red canvas with black dots and I ended up with a super happy daughter. These shoes are for inside wear, but for the shoot she was allowed to show her butterflies their natural environment.

Due to the release the Grown up boots* are on 15% release sale and with the code "Cosytoes"you get an ADDITIONAL 15% discount on all footwear patterns*. This means that the Grown up boots are now 30% off until Friday.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Beestyle tunic

Due to my testing frenzy from the previous month, some projects remained unblogged (I did not want to bore you with too many posts). This week was free of deadline posts, so I am blogging about something that I sewed months ago (during my sewing weekend), the Beestyle tunic from Beekiddi. This morning my daughter wore one of the two tunics that I made, which was a good reminder of my blogging backlog.

I came across the Beestyle pattern in the International knit sew-along group. In that group, many cool creations turn up and many of them have a jersey strip sewing in-between the seam. I love the look and used the Beestyle pattern to experiment with it.  I bought the pattern in my search for patterns perfect for scraps, and this indeed turned out to be a winner. From all the different fabrics that I used in these two tunics, only the foxes had not come from my own collection. Sofie was the original owner but did not blog about her project, but you can see and buy the lovely dress she made with it here.

I presume you would have expected that my daughter would be over the moon with this huge pocket! I really like the lines on this pattern. I only made the girl version, but there is a boy version as well. The pattern is German, but I did not really use the instructions so I can not tell you if they are good. There are a lot of pictures though, so that should be enough explanation. The pattern is without seam allowance, so do not forget to add them. There are several hood options for the pattern, but I went for a plain round neckline. Unfortunately, there is no size table, so I simply measure across the chest to determine the size I needed.

I really love how all these bolt prints together still works (in my mind at least). I will not bore you with links to all the posts that I used these fabrics in (because these were all leftovers from when I made something else), but that would be a nice scavenger hunt if you are bored. I took pictures months ago as well, so although new shoot would be outside now, these were still taken inside.  For the pictures we paired the tunics with jeans, they would be perfect with capri leggings as well. Note to self, finally start those capri leggings you have been planning for months!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Continued celebration

A few weeks ago, Evi asked me if I would like to take part in a surprise tour for Anne from Sofilantjes*. A small token of our appreciation for her hard work and creative ideas. In my previous post, the official Sofilantjes anniversary blog tour, I wrote that I always get a lot of joy from sewing Sofilantjes's patterns, so of course, I was game for another tour. Like in my previous Sofilantjes post, I again used very special fabric, this time it is fabric that I printed myself.

This time I indulged myself on jersey fabric and made a Mantica* and a Hibernis*/ ADVT* mash. The basis of the shirt is the ADVT, I wanted to "frame" the white based fabric, so I added bands on the sleeves and the bottom like with the Hibernis. I redrew the V neck into a circle neckline. On the Mantica I hacked the pocket a bit. Instead of having the entire front as one pocket, I made a hidden kangaroo pocket. I wrote a short tutorial on how I did it, and you can find it here.

I printed this dragon fabric during my first Bobbinhood workshop at de Stoffenmadam in the end of April. Earlier, I showed you a shirt made with my first screen workshop on a chemical screen, this dragon was made with a stencil print that I cut with my Silhouette. Silhouette and stencil printing are a killer combi. Here you can see the print in more detail and how I build it.

I knew I wanted to make a print that would work for my son and went for a dragon. I did not want to copy something from the web. I wanted something without possible copyrights and tried drawing something myself. Let's say that the next week I went to the library to get a book about drawing. I clearly miss some basic skills there, but I have hope for the future. I did need a print though, so I asked my sister in law who draws, if she could make a dragon. She actually had a dragon just laying around and with some Photoshop, a skill that I do possess, I turned that one into a cute print.

The workshop was great, it gave me the confidence that I needed to try this at home as well. I got several tips, like printing with a blanket underneath your fabric and that you do not need to be too afraid of a little-wet ink. I had no clue what my fabric would become, and because I wanted to have as many options as possible, I printed a double direction print. I placed the odd rows upside down, this way I would be able to turn my pattern piece whichever way I needed.

For the Mantica, I used golden contrasting glitter fabric that I bought at Textielstad. I squeezed all that was possible from the dragon fabric, but had to cut half of the dress from the golden fabric. I really liked the effect though and I because of it, I felt my son's shirt needed one last finishing touch. There were a few small spots in the fabric anyway and I decided to use some flex foil to cover them. I used the same scraps as when I made this dress. Really, never throw away flex, even when it is peeled, is is perfect for small projects.

I, of course, was not the only one that was asked to surprise Anne. These lovely ladies also sewed something with Sofilantjes's patterns to join the fun. Due to the third anniversary, there is an anniversary short sale going on at the moment at the Sofilantjes web shop. You can get 20 % off the entire cart (excluding bundles, paper patterns, and gift cards) with the code WEARE3 until May 29 11:59 pm EST.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.